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A doula is a non medical caregiver who provides emotional support to people so they feel heard, empowered, and honored.

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The doula model is built on unconditional positive regard. Francesca embodied that principle in her interactions with us. She encouraged introspection, reflection and careful consideration when content was difficult…She taught with a “doula heart” and personified the qualities of a true companion on the path. It seemed there was a wide range of experience and aptitude among students, and Francesca honored and respected our differences, helping us all feel welcome and efficacious… -S.F., UVM EOL Doula Program Graduate

Doula Training

“I can’t say enough about Francesca. She is wise beyond her years and created an incredible sense of community. (Not easy to do in an online class!) It was obvious from her responses that she is committed, patient, compassionate, and had our best interest at heart. She really understands people and life and love and all the material. She was perfect in every way.” -C.R., UVM EOL Doula Program Graduate

Doula Training