Doula Gathering ’18

UVM EOL Doula Grads, You’re invited to attend our first UVM Doula Gathering!

Details and Events:

  • “Cultivating the Doula Heart” Workshop 10/20/18 UVMMC 1:30-4:30pm

Doulas step into the most intense, vulnerable thresholds of life to hold a hand, wipe a tear, and honor all that is meaningful. Come deepen your understanding of doula essentials of care. Learn useful, practical approaches and techniques that will enable you to more confidently support people through birth, grief, loss, and death.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will cover:

  1. Tenets of Doula Support
  2. Components of Compassion
  3. Liminal Space
  4. Being “Enough”
  5. Personalizing with Plans
  6. Tools of the Trade

All attendees will receive the book: Cultivating the Doula Heart: The Essentials of Compassionate Care. 


  • UVM Doula Grad Mingle 10/20/18 Courtyard Burlington Harbor 5-6:30pm

Let’s gather and connect! The farm families who own Cabot Creamy Co-op honor your service to end-of-life care by hosting this gathering. We need your RSVPs to plan for refreshments. Let us know you’re coming by securing a (free) ticket! Open to graduates of the UVM EOL Doula Program!

(Free) Tickets!

  • The Direction of Doula Work 10/21/18 Courtyard Burlington Harbor 9:30-11:30am

Let’s discuss the role of a doula within the current EOL landscape. How do we establish ourselves? How do we enter into this work? As volunteers? Private practice doulas? How do we prepare and engage? How can we network and connect?

This event is sponsored by the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine’s EOL Doula Program.
Morning refreshments will be served. *Open to UVM Doula Program Graduates*


Hotel Room Blocks: Hotel Vermont and Courtyard Burlington Harbor

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