Tending Life in a Pandemic: An Antidote to Anxiety

Across the globe, the majority of us have two jobs: Hold gratitude for those on the frontlines providing direct care to people suffering from COVID-19.Follow any and all safety guidelines to enable essential workers to do their essential work. It’s vital that we stay home and stay calm. Even though that might sound simple, it… Continue reading Tending Life in a Pandemic: An Antidote to Anxiety

The “Lasts”

“What’s that piece of furniture in the corner?” I ask, following a long period of not talking, trying to assess whether my client was truly interested in the news program playing or if he wanted to converse. “Is it a record player?” I point to the area behind the hospital bed, which has become a… Continue reading The “Lasts”

Your Values, Your Voice: Collaborative Care

Your Values, Your Voice Making Decisions in Cases of Serious Illness A collaborative approach to medicine between practitioner and patient has not always been standard practice, let alone even possible. In their landmark “Awareness of Dying” research, Glaser and Strauss (1965) described the common philosophy of “closed awareness context,” meaning that details about a patient’s… Continue reading Your Values, Your Voice: Collaborative Care

Working Through Wishes

As a presenter about end-of-life doula work, I have come to realize that guiding groups through workshops often mirrors direct work in the field. Whether it’s birth or death, people yearn for support and validation from a nonjudgmental listening ear. This goes for leading participants through visualizations and advance care planning, too. When an array… Continue reading Working Through Wishes